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About Voice

We need a voice to amplify honesty and credibility in a post-truth age where disinformation is all we have learned. A position where the reality is going to drive us on.

Say hello to The Voice.

Hello, are you human? You’re in, if so. To make sure everybody on Voice is an individual human, we use a special authentication scheme. No approved robo-mobs, catfish, or burner pages.

Go ahead and produce content! Share a slice of thought. On a hot topic, weigh in. Tell something important to the world. It’s the Voice of you.

Your post will go online. You win Voice Tokens and your post gains exposure as others like your post. The more your post becomes famous, the more tokens you receive.

All only gets Speech Tokens to turn up. This suggests that everyone has a chance to be understood. What do you want to Voice?

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