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About Upland

Upland is the metaverse of the Earth where fictional assets mapped to the Physical World are bought, sold, and exchanged.
Become a digital landowner, create houses, launch companies, and earn UPX coins.

Join the Uplanders group, embarking on a daring quest to create a modern digital economy. With real ownership assured by Upland’s Blockchain technology, you own your assets forever.

Join a modern economy where both the virtual and the physical world have the chance to make profits. Begin by receiving a return on your property and charging tourist fees. Flip any of the assets into the free marketplace for benefit. Build an income by running one of Upland’s several forthcoming firms. Happy for a mogul to become?

To improve a city’s community and create new homes for you and your neighbors, collaborate with like-minded Uplanders. Choose from a number of possible designs and add the house you have always dreamed of to your home. Ready to add a new look to your city?

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