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So, what is NFT Panda? It is a Play to Earn Cryptro based Game on Wax Blockchain with elements of a turn-based RPG in a fantasy setting. Here players can take part in adventures that reward you with BAM tokens witch you then can exchange to Wax.

Players collect their own army of Panda NFTs that can be used to send out to different kind of adventures where you are able to win BAM tokens. Unfortunately the Panda heroes NFT’s Packages are all sold out and the only place you can buy these mythical heroes is on Wax Marketplaces like or

The game is still very young and in development so it is not too late to be a part of it and join the wonderful journey of blockchain gaming.

NFT Panda Roadmap



✅ Shop

✅ Implement energy system

  • Rent
  • Weapon release
  • Crafting system

We are waiting on some very cool updates like Weapon release and crafting system. When this is ready it will be possible to get more BAM Tokens in adventures. But of course you will first have to invest some BAM Tokens buying or crafting these Weapons.


Here is the NFT Panda Game Story

Once upon a time, the race of pandas lived on a beautiful land full of bamboo and crystal waters. No one knew for certain their story, but everyone remembered the legendary exploits of Elgard, in whose name their lands were named.

Elgard and his heroes stopped the ancient evil led by the demon Amon, but it was not possible to know how it had happened. After that, they founded 4 villages of heroes: a village of fire, a village of water, a village of wind, and a village of the earth to keep their lands.

For many winters, the lands of Elgard lived in peace and harmony, but the Dark Forces awoke again and peace changed to destruction, and harmony to chaos. The Council of the Alliance had to turn to the Hero Villages for help again which had been guarding the order for centuries in order to lock up the evil again and to find out the reason for its rebellion.

Legendary 4 villages are once again united together under your leadership. And only you, the Ruler of the Council of Heroes, are able to find out the reason for the uprising of the Dark Forces and liberate the lands of Elgard!

Don’t let your people down! For the glory of the Alliance, Hero!


NFT Panda Goals

Create the NFT Panda multiverse, which includes a series of crypto games about pandas in various settings and virtual worlds utilizing the Play-to-Earn mechanism, giving players the option to own their own NFT and learning more about blockchain technology and decentralized apps in a fun way. The first project in the NFT Panda multiverse is NFT Panda: World of Fantasy.


What kind of Pandas can you expect to have?


You can collect different Panda Designs (NFT) that can have several features and characteristics from the list below:


So first we got rarity of the NFT card. WoF has 29,000 heroes who have 6 main types of rarity and Promo:

  • Common
  • Promo (created for promotion, while being fully used in the game and bringing rewards)
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

Because the number of players keep on growing, new Panda NFTs will be launched with new amazing designs. We can’t wait!


Every Panda has its own element. Panda’s elements are divided into 4:

  • The Element of Fire
  • The Element of Water
  • The Element of Earth
  • The Element of Wind

NFT Panda Energy System

CONSUMPTION is a very significant factor in the actual world and in the real economy. In Elgard’s universe, as well. The panda must eat in order to feel good and have the energy to embark on an expedition.


Play to Earn explained

A hero’s life is intriguing, and anything can happen to him during his adventures, from a dragon attack to the surprise finding of a treasure map, all of which will have an impact on the overall BAM amount he will return to you. There will be many different ways for the adventures to end, but you’ll have to figure out how many there are for yourself.

Pandas require rest as well, thus the cooldown and BAM supplies for rainy days are required. The cooldown has been extended to two hours. Panda can gain a new rank based on adventure experience and supplies.

  • Step 1: Buy your Hero on Wax Market
  • Step 2: Exchange Wax to BAM using Alcor Exchange
  • Step 3: Buy a slot
  • Step 4: Assign your Hero to the slot
  • Step 5: Send Hero to Adventure
  • Step 6: Collect BAM Tokens your Hero has found on his Adventure.

How much Bam Tokens Panda will bring back from the Adventure depends on the rarity and rank of your card. So, like every other Blockchain game, you have to invest first to be able to make money.

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