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About Hive

Hive has a vibrant community of applications, groups, and individuals who use the Hive blockchain and decentralized structure to survive.

Hive wallets run on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and the internet.

The DHF, or Decentralized Hive Fund, is responsible for the ongoing growth of Hive and its environment.

Hive is a forward-thinking decentralized blockchain and community that is designed to scale with the aim of universal acceptance of the currency and platforms. Hive is poised to become one of the leading Network 3.0 blockchains used by people all over the world by incorporating lightning-fast processing times and fee-free transactions.

Transactions are performed in under 3 seconds.
Resource-bandwidth and computing infrastructure that is future-proof.
Hundreds of applications, groups, and initiatives all around the world have put it to the test over the last four years.

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