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About Crypto Mining Game

Explore Millions of Initial Crypto Universe Fields! Collect cards, enter a virtual mining pool in the Battle for Victory Points and Prizes, and encounter other players!

Airdrop Hunter

Science studies on crystal matter in the Crypto-World often lead to unexpected findings. This researcher must have wasted too much time producing essential mutations in the presence of pure crystal!

Ingame Bonus
Raise your Project Crystal Earnings! -0.50% for each level!

Crystal Mutant

Science studies on crystal matter often lead to unexpected outcomes in the Crypto-World. In the presence of pure crystal, this scientist must have invested too much time creating essential mutations!

Ingame Bonus
Raise Task Crystal Earnings! -0.50% at each level!

Crypto Mining War Cards

At the moment Crypto Mining Game has 44 cards. In the game you can level up those cards to get stronger and get more benefits of their special abilities. Here are some of the cards.

Crypto Mining War is a free-to-play online multiplayer battle arena game that exists in an initial cyber universe connected to Crypto! It incorporates a Trading Card Game with a Strong Combat Mode where two teams are going to compete on a battlefield! You will strategically deploy your cards using the support (or not) of the Neutrino Device to break the Opponent’s Mining Pool Tower, secured by 3 resistant firewalls!

Create your deck, complete missions to grow your cards, enter a Virtual Mining Pool to battle together and win the Crypto Mining War while learning about crypto-currencies!

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