Is Coinbirds a Scam?

The answear is Yes. So like always in Crypto, do your own research.

So you register on Coinbirds and start calculating how much time it would take you before making some profit and think, ok…his is not that bad and start working on it. So you invest 10$ witch is very little money for many people and after some time you finally get a bit of profit and test your withdrawl. Usually your first withdrawl is a very small one just to see if Coinbirds will really pay out. Well, they really do pay out. BUT! There is a catch…

You see, after testing out a small payment we decide to grind longer to take out a bigger amount and once you reach that moment you find out you can’t take out the full amount. Like many of us, we don’t read the rules fully and we don’t check every part of the website that may contain some crutual part of information.

How does Coinbirds Scam work?

Coinbirds is a scam

When you try to withdraw your first big amount, Coinbirds system will let you know that it is not possible because you don’t have enough “Crystals”.

Crystals? Where did that come from? What kind of crystals is the system talking about and how come you did not know about that?

If you go to “My Referrals” you will see the Affiliate program with some information. Then if you press on “Affiliate program for earning crystals” and you will find that crutual information about your withdrawl and that’s that moment when you realize that you have been scammed.

This important info should be in FAQ, but it’s not there. They did add full information in the rules page, but you can only find it by making an account, going to “Affiliate program for earning Crystals” and at the bottom pressing on the word “Rules”.

Coinbirds is a scam

As you can see here I have 2.61 crystals and to withdraw 10$ I need to have 10 crystals.To get to my 10 crystals I have to spend another 20$ so I can withdraw my 10$, or I can use my refferal link to get new people involved in this scam and hophuly they spend money and make me some crystals. So you see, it is possible to get refferals but that makes you a part of a scam since you give wrong information to your referrals and scam them cause you need to take out that grinded cash.

Overall guys, Coinbirds do pay out, but only if you scam others. Make some noice and share this with others.

There you go guys, a short article about another scam website Coinbirds . If you are there or know anyone using this site then please stop wasting time and spread the word. For more stories like this please visit our home page.

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