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About Coinbase

We’re developing the cryptoeconomy, which will make financial markets more equal, open, effective, and transparent.

We began in 2012 with the groundbreaking idea that everyone, anytime should be able to send and receive Bitcoin quickly and safely. We now have a stable and user-friendly forum for accessing the wider cryptoeconomy.

Coinbase lets users all over the world think about cryptocurrencies and get started with it.

Coinbase is trusted by over 43 million authenticated people, 7,000 organizations, and 115,000 ecosystem collaborators in over 100 countries to save, spend, save, receive, and use cryptocurrencies in an easy and safe manner.

We ask ourselves, “Does this make Coinbase the most trusted name in our space?” before making any decisions. Any customer contact adds up to trust. It necessitates top-tier defense, enforcement, infrastructure, support, and architecture, among other items.

While digital currency is a powerful tool, its usefulness is limited by how simple it is to use. We excel at designing wonderful goods that allow everybody to benefit from the advantages of digital currency.

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