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Crypto Wallet – Coinomi

AtomicDEX is a mix of a secure wallet and a non-custodial open exchange.

Since consumer funds put in liquidity pools are continuously exposed to impermanent failure, rugpulls, and vampire assaults, many DEXs in the blockchain space today aren’t truly non-custodial. AtomicDEX, on the other hand, eliminates these challenges by using decentralized peer-to-peer order books.

Trading on AtomicDEX is not limited to a particular blockchain protocol. AtomicDEX provides the most cross-protocol support of any blockchain exchange. No proxy tokens are required to exchange BTC, ETH, all ERC-20 tokens, KMD, and hundreds of other digital assets natively from dozens of blockchains.

Atomic swaps are set up so that either both traders get the funds they want, or nothing happens and both traders keep the money they started with.

There is no middleman in peer-to-peer dealing. Your dollars, your buttons

  • There are no waiting periods for deposits or withdrawals, meaning you can start trading straight away.
  • Unrestricted exchange pairs, immediate exchanging of all securities
  • Makers pay no trade fees, while takers pay just 0.13 percent.

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